Kit Scissor + Shaver +Canvas Bag + Shaving Ruler

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Need help finding the best tools for shaving your beard? New to beard grooming? This beard starter kit contains everything you need to start your new beard journey.

The scissors, shaver, and shaving ruler are all you need to start trimming your beard into style. The kit also comes with complimentary blades, so you can enjoy the shaving process without having to worry about buying extra blades. Also, this kit comes with a carry bag so you can take these products everywhere you go.



- Easy To Use And Durable

- All Stainless Steel Products, So You Don't Have To Worry About The Product Breaking

- Sharp Scissors That Can Cut Through All Beard Types

- Double-Sided Shaving Ruler That Can Help Meet Your Different Needs



- The Two-Sided Comb Is Made Of Stainless Steel, The Right Size Is Suitable For Your Palm, Double-Sided Design To Meet Your Different Needs

- The Razor Is Made Of All Steel Casting, Fine Grinding And Polishing, Solid Cutting Head, Comfortable To Use And Durable

- The Scissors Are Made Of High Hardness Stainless Steel, Durable, Economical, Easy To Cut Hair, Sharp, And Compact

- Platinum Double- Sided Cutting Edge, High Hardness Double- Edged Stainless Steel Blade, Sanitary, And Convenient. Also, Fast, Sharp, And Durable.



- Stainless Steel Shaver (With 2-Pack Complimentary Blades)

- Stainless Steel Scissors

- Stainless Steel Shaving Ruler

- Canvas Bag