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Are you tired of trying to grow out your beard only to be disappointed by the slow progress? Are you ready to experience the greatest beard of your life? The DELUXE BEARD GROWTH KIT is the perfect all-in-one beard care kit for you.

This Deluxe Beard Growth Kit includes our Derma Roller, which has tiny needles that help unclog your pores and create healthier skin. It also includes our Beard Sanitizer Spray, which moisturizes your beard while killing harmful germs and bacteria. Finally, it's rounded out with Beard Growth Serum, which contains Capilia Longa—an oil that's clinically proven to produce beard growth. Also, this kit contains a beard comb, that you can take on to go! This combo is suited for everyone, from a big bushy beard enthusiast to non-bearded male who feels like growing one. What are you waiting for? At Adam'sGroomingClub we've got you covered.


-  Derma Roller:  Has The Capability To Prevent And Undo Premature Aging Of The Skin

-  Beard Comb: Able To Be Used On Any Beard Type

-  Beard Activation Serum:  Activates Inactive Hair Follicles Beneath The Skin And Helps Your Beard Grow Faster, Thicker, And More Noticeable- All While Feeling Stronger.

- Beard Sanitizer Spray:  Cleanse And Sanitize Your Beard, Eliminating All Traces Of Dirt Around Your Face.


- Derma Roller

- Beard Comb

- Beard Activation Serum

- Beard Sanitizer Spray