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Are you tired of your trimmer always dying out on you? Does your current trimmer not cut through your beard? Do you have a frustrated time shaving, because your trimmer isn't doing what it's supposed to do? If so, you desperately need AdamsGroomingClub Rechargeable Hair and Beard Clipper.

AdamsGroomingClub Rechargeable Hair and Beard Clipper offers 4 hours of continuous trimming on a single charge, and is ideal for any man who wants to look his best without spending a fortune on grooming products. Stylish and modern, but still practical and powerful enough for everyday use, this multipurpose trimmer is easy to use and convenient, making it the perfect addition to any man's arsenal of grooming tools. 


- Rechargeable Battery With 4 hours Trimming Time Per Charge

- Versatile Trimmer That Can Be Used As A Hair Or Beard Clipper

- Durable. Charger Can Last Up To 3 Years

- You’ll Be Equipped With Different Attachments So You Can Pick The Length You Prefer And Trim Only When Necessary

Laser-Sharp Shaping



- This Rechargeable Hair/Beard Clipper Features A Professional Design Of Low Vibration and Ultra-Quiet

- It's Ideal For You To Use In The Car When Traveling Or Out In Farming Or Something Like That 

- The Powerful Motor Can Allow You To Trim Through Any Type Of Hair At A Faster Speed, Keeping Your Head And Your Face Tidy 

- It Is Easy To Operate, Making It A Perfect Tool For Men Who Are Looking For Convenient Ways To Trim Their Beard, Mustache, Neck Hair, And Hair On The Head

- This Clipper Also, Displays Its Battery Life Digitally On The Bottom Of The Handle, So You Always Know When To Charge The Clipper



- Cleaning Brush and USB Charging Cable

- 4 Different Head Attachments: 1.5 millimeter , 2 millimeter, 3 millimeter, 4 millimeter  

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